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Sapphire Pink Cushions, Ovals And Rounds


Pink Sapphire, along with Ruby, belongs to the Corundum group, the members of which are characterized by their excellent hardness (9 on the Mohs scale). Indeed their hardness is exceeded only by that of the Diamond and the Diamond is the hardest mineral on Earth! Thanks to that hardness, Pink Sapphires are easy to look after, requiring no more than the usual care on the part of the wearer.
Pink sapphires occur in many differing hues and tones  ranging from pale pinks, to deep pinks to mauve/lilac/purplish Pinks. The predominant sources for Pink Sapphire are Africa, Madagascar and Sri Lanka with smaller occurrences in U.S.A. and Vietnam.

Not realizing that Ruby and Sapphire were actually the same mineral, our ancestors left us with a dilemma: how should pink shades be classified? Long ago, it was decided that all gemstones of the mineral Corundum should be referred to as Sapphire, except the red colour, which was to be called Ruby. But pink is really just light red!!! The International Colored Gemstone Association has passed a resolution that the light shades of red should be included in the category ruby, since it is too difficult to legislate where red ends and pink begins. In practice, pink shades are now known either as pink Ruby or pink Sapphire. Either way, these gems are among the most beautiful of the Corundum family.

Pink sapphire is said to generate feelings of love, forgiveness, acceptance and release. This gentle stone provides strength in difficult situations and combines energies of the heart with a disciplined mind, creating strength in balance.