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TP Goldsmiths

81 Revell St. Hokitika

Phone 03 755 6588


Established in 2002 in a quaint 100 year old building in the Artisan Quarter of Hokitika. The Gallery is a showcase of our handmade jewellery with a small range of carefully selected production jewellery. We have an 'open workshop' so our clients and customers can see us at the bench doing our stuff.

 The commission work we receive is wide and varied. Living in the heart of 'Jade Country' means we have access to this iconic NZ material, and although we are not carvers of Jade we have several exceptional carvers that work in with us. Restoration of antique jade pieces is one of our forte's. 

We also love to create gold nugget jewellery using alluvial gold. Gold nuggets have become extremely collectable and demand a premium gold price.  They often come into the workshop as family heirlooms, with a story attached to them of their find!

But that's not all we can do, we redesign and remake existing jewellery, design and manufacture engagement, and wedding rings, pendants, brooches, cufflinks, bracelets, etc.

So on that note, if its outside the square, your local jeweller can't do it, or you want NZ materials incorporated into fine jewellery then chances are we can be of help. 

It's a girl-powered workshop and we are the only qualified jewellery manufacturers on the West Coast of the South Island.


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If you are interested in a gemstone, we recommend that you contact your jeweller after you select a gemstone

If you need to you can contact us by email:  GEMS NZ