Simon Misdale

41 Taumata Road

Mount Albert, Auckland

Tel: 09 629 3662

Mobile: 027 286 3321

E-mail: simon_misdale




I have a deep commitment to making unique one off pieces of jewellery for my clients; pieces that make them feel special.

My in-depth knowledge comes from 34 yrs in the trade with my initial tuition being with both a German and an English jeweller.   I have learnt from many more people since the end of my apprenticeship.

I also do repairs and redesigning /recreating jewellery from all your old pieces.

Enjoyment comes from  working with all types of materials Ö.if something attracts my attention Öthe creativity flows.

Colour and texture is also important to me as long as it in context with what Iím doing.  I teach jewellery in Manurewa and in the Cook Islands.  My inspirations come from everything around me and that includes my students.

I have a wide variety of craft work that Iím also involved inÖ.teaching and making pottery, Bonsai, art clay silver, hand weaving and tapestry weaving and I work from home in one of New Zealandís finest Bonsai (Japanese style) Gardens.

 After winning the necklace division of the black pearl trophy in 2001, my focus has been with black pearls and  I have my own stock from the Cook Islands available for you to select from.


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