238A Queen Street, Richmond,Nelson

Phone: 03 544 9293
Richmond Rocs


Here at Richmond Rocs we have a passion, enthusiasm and an eye for natural stones, especially high quality unusual ones of all colours and shapes.

From the selection of stones to designing their setting - we work with you to create your special item of jewellery and can project manage the manufacturing process with the services of skilled artisan jewellers.

Our customers enjoy the knowledge that their jewellery is truly unique, not mass produced, is of the highest quality and is an investment which will hold its value.

If you need repairs or replacements of treasured items of jewellery we are fully insured and can work with all major insurance companies.

We have and sell quality jewellery and are only prepared to deal with reputable suppliers.  Our prices are fair and competitive - we have no need to discount.  That is what makes us stand out.


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If you are interested in a gemstone, we recommend that you contact your jeweller after you select a gemstone

If you need to you can contact us by email:  GEMS NZ