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Since 1968 Jens Hansen Gold and Silversmith in Nelson, New Zealand has been making jewellery of uncompromising beauty. Rings, bracelets, pendants, brooches and silverware offering pure lines and sculptural elegance have become  trademarks of the workshop.

Jens Hansen create some of New Zealand's finest contemporary jewellery. Whether you are looking for a hand finished original design from our established product range,  an exotic platinum and gold engagement ring  or a truly individual commission - whether you are a new visitor to the world of jewellery or have a deep and meaningful relationship with it - we welcome you.  Whether you see jewellery as a necessity or as a beautiful art form - Jens Hansen Gold and Silversmith can see it your way.  Let us create something special with and for you.



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If you are interested in a gemstone, we recommend that you contact your jeweller after you select a gemstone

If you need to you can contact us by email:  GEMS NZ