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GEMS NZ is a specialist dealer in colored gemstones.  We have over 30 years industry experience both here in New Zealand as well as internationally.  Please enjoy looking at some fine quality gemstones and if you are tempted to perhaps look at the gemstone in person we are happy to recommend our partners in the Jewellery manufacturing  field who can assist you in making the dream become a reality. To see a selection of jewellers in your area please click on select a jeweller or to browse through some of our beautiful gems click on gemstones

Apatite from Madagascar. Topaz crystal from Brazil and Tourmaline from Nigeria.


Our Contact Details

Postal address:  P.O. BOX 14763
                           WELLINGTON  6241
                           NEW ZEALAND
E-mail:  info@gemsnz.co.nz

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Aquamarine - Ovals & Hearts ,Aquamarine - Square & Octagon ,Citrine, Spinel, Beryl And Morganite ,Ruby ,Emerald Ovals And Rounds ,Emerald Octagons, Squares and Trilliants ,Peridot, Garnet and Kornerupine ,Sapphire Blue Cushions and Pears ,Sapphire Blue Ovals ,Sapphire Blue Squares And Trilliants ,Sapphire Yellow, Green, Parti, White & Purple ,Sapphire Pink Cushions, Ovals And Rounds ,Sapphire Pink Octagons, Squares And Trilliants ,Tanzanite ,Sapphire Blue Rounds ,Sapphire Blue Octagons ,Tourmaline Pink, Red And Gold ,Tourmaline Green And Chrome ,Topaz ,Zircon ,Opal, Sphene And Andalusite

If you are interested in a gemstone, we recommend that you contact your jeweller after you select a gemstone